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Fiji Mermaid

Fiji Mermaid is a singer-songwriter who has received a positive response performing her music in various venues.  Fiji sang in choir and church choir in college, studied voice, and after college played in a punk/noise band on keyboards and backup vocals. After several years she left the band, moved to a quiet living space, and became a singer-songwriter person. 

Fiji has released three albums and one EP of her original compositions.  Her latest album, "Colors That Shine," has folk songs and introspective lyrics, but also explores diminished chords for a jazzier sound on some of the songs.

Her songs have been played on college radio stations and she has performed at New Langton Arts in San Francisco, among other venues.    

  As Fiji told KUSF dj Brad Stark in 'ought 04, she just picked the name Fiji Mermaid because it had a nice sound.  She had never seen a picture of what a Fiji Mermaid a la P.T. Barnum looked like.... anyway I picked the name just as the Internet was beginning so I beg ignorance at that point although of course I have no excuse now.  But c'est la vie.   


 - Thanks to KFAI, Minneapolis, for spinning a track from the album Green Pond, recently.  

- Thank you to KCRW in LA for more airplay off "Colors That Shine," the latest album.

- Thanks to KCRW for playing a track off "Colors That Shine," at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night.

- Receiving mail from people that like the album. 

- Honored to be placed on a playlist at WFMU of "Women in Pop: Past, Present and Future."  

- Radio station KFJC invited me to do an in-studio Live Mic.  They like "A Tiny Rose." 

- Thanks to WNYU (New York University), WFMU, and KFJC (CA) for playing "Home by the Sea," "Lipsticked Lips of Yore," "Don't Be Cold While You're Young," "Oh," "It's Just Yellow,"  "A Tiny Rose," "Uncrumple Your Dream," "Colors That Shine," "I Can Feel the Sun," and "Through Stones" off the new album.

All songs written by (c) Fiji Mermaid

- Some Things that Happened -

2000 – Released a self-titled EP. It received college airplay at a few radio stations. 

2005 – Released her first album, "Green Pond." A single off the album charted at KALX and WNYU.  Fiji performed in the Mission Creek Music Festival for two years in a row, among other venues, accompanied by guitarist Scott Jones. 

2006 - met a wonderful man and got married. 

2010 – Released a second album, "Bird's Dream."  Every track was aired on various East and West Coast college radio stations, including WNYU, KALX, KUSF, WRPI, WFMU, etc. plus NPR affiliate KCRW.

2017 - Released a third album, "Colors That Shine." Every track except for "Alithea Dear" received radio airplay.