Selected Lyrics

Fiji Mermaid

from Colors That Shine

Through Stones

It's true that we have to make our way

Through stones (repeat)

Chorus  Through stones, we will have our say

We'll make another day, we'll make our way

Through stones

- I knew I would sometimes feel alone

But I did not feel under my feet

The true stones

A vale of tears walked I

Through which a world

I could not circumscribe

The path on which I walked and made my marks

They weren't writ in stone, but written in the dark

A past that I knew not why, it slowed my way

It made it rough and shady each day

And then one day a thought came to my mind

A clear white air, that breached the sky

And then I could feel my feet, I knew I'd walked

Through stones

Chorus  Through stones we will find our way

We'll have our say, we'll make a better day

Through stones

Don't Be Cold While You're Young

Don't be cold while you're young

Though the pain is still there

You have every right to love

You have every means to care

Don't be cold like a wave

That sweeps all out to sea

Find the one that you love

And the place you need to be


Uncrumple Your Dream

You can stay home, you can make a loan, you can't

               go back to town

'Cos you made it, 'cos you made it, and so it goes


You can shake it, you can break it, that's when you go around

But then you'll fake it

Chorus  Huh, huh, huh, huh (repeat)

With the fur thing, and the burn thing, we had laid it down

You could go there, everyone bark, yeah, doesn't make

            a sound

But it's a fine, fine world

Chrous  Huh, huh, huh, huh (repeat)

There's lots of fine things, who is the Lizard King

We don't think we know

Let's take a glass now, it magnifies how, how we had to show

Chorus     Huh, huh huh huh

You had a good dream of banana cream

Why don't you leave it there

And don't you retreat or even repeat, if someone put you down

Just be your own, uncrumple your dream

Just be your own

Chorus     Huh, huh, huh huh (repeat0

Uncrumple your dream