Fiji Mermaid reviews

“Part of the future of folk music.” - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Hits just the right quiet note of a chlorophyll-enriched, cricket-happy daydream." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

 Mentioned in a review of Vetiver as part of the new trend in folk music which is sounding “much weirder” than its predecessors (2004) - East Bay Express

 "Eleven dreamy escapes. Minimalistic and stripped-down with a naked, honest voice. Pure balm for the soul... The record also has some noisy parts that fit the rest of the material very well... If you want something honest and very beautiful." - Nephilius eMagazine

 "(Green Pond) is really very lovely... wow, is this ever different. I don't even know what you'd call it genre-wise. To me, it's accompaniment. It is music that goes along with something, whether that is an activity, a dream, or just a session of deep thinking.... It sounds especially nice with headphones." - Collected Sounds/Women in Music

 ("The instruments' sounds are sparse, lending it a cozy, personal feel. The music itself is detached... '(You Shouldn't) Drift Away,' for example, is an eerie, twinkling piece that is far from the norm, yet catchy and enjoyable, nonetheless. Other songs, like 'Sunglasses Hide The Sun,' lean more toward the experimental side of things... but still taking cues from basic pop teachings.  Recommended if you want to hear something really different." -

 “Fiji Mermaid has a soothing, angelic voice, and when it’s combined with her medieval-style instrumentation, the result is truly lovely.  Though some of the lyrics are a bit twee, they stop short of seeming pretentiously so, and actually fit well with the music that backs them.  (She) has managed to create quite a pretty album.” - Punk Planet

 “‘Green Pond’ was atmospheric and dreamy.  I had said that it was music to go along with something. Meaning, it’s background music.  This one stands out front a bit more (if that makes sense). It still has its dreamy moments, but there are more stand-alone songs as opposed to the whole thing being one big soundscape. The album is made up of 18 songs, mostly quite short ones.
"There are a couple songs that stand out mostly because they have a bit of a dissonant sound, ‘He Flew to the Sun probably illustrates this best. (Bird’s Dream) is a pretty album, of strange and cool songs.”  - Collected Sounds